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Anahata Tan offers Many Levels of Tanning to fit all of your needs.


Our Diamond Level beds offer the absolute best tanning experience on the planet. Beds of this caliber exhibit astonishingly high wattage while filtering out nearly all of the burning rays. The Diamond level beds produce the deepest, darkest, longest lasting tan possible.

Our Level 4 beds create faster, darker and longer lasting results

than the lower three levels combined. We recommend 3-5 

sessions within two weeks to build your tan and just 2-3 sessions a 

month to maintain it, making this bed the cost effective choice for 

those who like to pamper themselves or just have limited time.

Our Level 3 offers the finest high performance, vertical tanning systems available. The ideal choice for those seeking stunning results and a sweat free, supersonic session. Providing 5 times the UVA tanning power of a typical tanning bed with just the right amount of UVB, these units ensure a deep all-over tan that is achieved in a brief tanning session.

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